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Hello readers. This article gives you information on how to add a signature to Gmail. In the first place, Let me tell you that Gmail Signature is not rocket science. Also, you don't even need an extra tool for that. Because the method I am going to tell you is doesn't require any kind of extra hardware. In other words, You need to upload a photo of your signature to Gmail.

Remember that Once you have added a signature to Gmail, It will appear in all the email then onwards sent to others. Furthermore, The signature means not only the image but the text also. In other words, Gmail allows you to add text as a signature apart from Image. Moreover, It's up to you whether you want to add text or image alone or the combination of both. But, I recommend you to use the combination of both Image and Texts. So, Let's get started step by step.

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Make signature on any blank paper

First, You need a pen and a paper to make a signature. So, arrange it and then draw a signature on it. Also makes sure that the paper on which you're going to draw a signature is white. Notwithstanding, You can use the paper of any color but make sure that the signature is easily distinguishable by human eyes. Also, see the below picture to get an idea of what you have to.

Draw a signature on blank physical white paper

Capture the signature with your phone's camera

In this step, Capture the signature you made fresh with your phone's camera and transfer it to your laptop. Also, make sure that signature is not blurry.

Open a web browser and go to ''

Open the web browser then click here to open the REMOVEBG's website from where you're going to remove the background.

Preview of REMOVEBG website that will remove the background of the uploaded image.

Upload the signature

Here, You don't have to make an account on it. So don't worry and upload the image that contains the signature. After, Wait till it completely uploaded. Furthermore, After uploading it immediately start the process.

Upload the captured photo to REMOVEBG. Click on the Upload image button to select the image file and upload it.

Wait for the process to complete

REMOVEBG will initiate the process to remove the background from the uploaded image after the image uploading completes.

Process to remove the background is completed and preview is shown.

Download the signature

Now, Download the signature by clicking on the 'Download' button. As a result, Your signature will be downloaded in your Download folder.

Download the image. Click on the Download button to download it.

Open Gmail Settings

Click here to open Gmail Settings directly from here. Gmail Settings contains variety of section which allows you to enhance your Gmail feature or may work as an aid to better experience.

Gmail Settings button highlighted. Click the settings icon to open the Gmail Settings.

Navigate to the Signature section at the bottom

Scroll down to the bottom and navigate to the Signature section. This is the section from where you can add a signature to Gmail.

Signature section under the Gmail's General Settings

Create a Signature for Gmail

In this step, You are going to create a signature.

Step-1: Provide a signature name

In this step click on the 'Create new' button. Consequently, You will be prompted to enter the signature name. So, Enter the name of the signature. Furthermore, A signature name is used to distinguish between two or more signatures.

Step-2: Upload the signature image

In this step, You are going to upload the image of signature. For that, Click on the image icon to upload the signature. Also, see the below image to locate the image button.

Click on the image button to upload the image of signature.

By clicking on the image icon, It will ask you to upload the image via direct upload, Upload from Google Drive, or Paste the URL of the image. Hence, In your case choose the direct upload and select the file from your computer to upload it. Also, See the following image to locate the direct upload option.

Upload section from where you have to select the Image of the signature for Gmail.
Drag & drop the image or select it by pressing the select file from your device button to upload it to Gmail.

Step-3: Resize the signature

In this step, You are going to resize the signature. As you can see the image of signature you have uploaded is sol large that crossed the boundary. Hence, It is mandatory to resize to a small or medium scale. But, For a better experience of signature, I recommend you to resize it to a medium scale. To resize it, click on the image then select the 'Medium' from the scale-panel opened at the bottom of the image.

Resize the signature to a medium scale

See the below image where you will find that the signature is resized to medium scale. Furthermore, Gmail allows you to change the way of the usage of signature in Gmail. In other words, Gmail gives you full control over the signature usage in the following cases.

  • For New Email
  • For Reply/Forward of Email

As stated above, You can use any signature for either case. Moreover, If you don't want the signature in either case then select 'No signature' to that particular. Furthermore, I recommend you use a signature for New Email and don't use it for the reply and/or forward.

Below the signature control, You will find the checkbox which allows you to add the line '--' before the signature. And, I also recommend to check this checkbox as it will separate you message and signature.

Step-4: Save the signature

In this step, You're going to save the Gmail signature. For this purpose, Scroll down to the bottom, locate the 'Save Changes' button, and then press it. Thus way, Your signature will be saved. Now, it's time to test it.

Preview of the signature

As of above, You've completed all the steps from drawing the signature on a physical paper to save it on Gmail. So, see the below image to check whether our signature working or not.

Preview of the signature in the sent mail.

Now you're all set to add a signature to Gmail.

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