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Hello, readers. This article gives you information on how to delete a Gmail account.

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So let's get started step by step.

What is Gmail account

The Gmail account is not an account rather it's a free service like Google Drive, Google Photos that you have been granted by Google to access it. In reality, by deleting a Gmail account, you're removing a service from your Google account.

When you have opened or visited any services provided Google then, Google will add that service to your Google account for access. For example, If you create an account from Gmail's website, then Google will grant access for Gmail service to your account. Later, If you visit Google Drive, then Google will add it too.

So, In short, Gmail is a service, not an account that you can delete. Instead, You can remove access to it.

Open Google account

Click here to open your Google account. Make sure you've already logged in into your Google account.

Open Google account - Thanalysis

Navigate to Data & Personalisation tab

In this step, When Google account opens, navigate to the Data & Personalisation tab from the left side panel. In order to locate the Data & Personalisation tab, See the following image.

Navigate to the Data & Personalisation tab - Thanalysis

Scroll down and find the section 'Download, delete or make a plan for your data'

Scroll down to the bottom and find the section 'Download, delete or make a plan for your data'. This section provides various features like Download your data, Make a plan for your account and delete a service.

section 'Download, delete or make a plan for your data' - Thanalysis

Select 'Delete a service or your account'

See the following image to locate this option.

Delete a service or your account - Thanalysis

Select 'Delete a service'

Here, Click Delete a service to delete Gmail from your Google account. After Google will prompt you for the password.

Choose Delete Service - Thanalysis
Google prompted for verification - Thanalysis

Download the data (Optional) or Delete the Gmail

You can download your data if you want else you can delete the service directly clicking on the delete icon respective to the service.

Download the data (optional) or delete the Gmail - Thanalysis

Provide your alternate email address

Here, Provide an alternate email address to get verification link. As a result, Google sends this verification link because you need an email address to access other Google services. Hence, Provide a valid email address to it.

And remember that you can't provide any Gmail address like

Provide alternative email address

So, Next, open the link to verify that it's you, log in to your Google account if prompted, and click 'Delete Gmail'.

Gmail deleted - Thanalysis

That's all about how to delete your Gmail account.

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