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Hello, readers. This article gives you information on how to find archived emails in Gmail.

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What happens when you archive an email

When you click on the archive button to archive the email, Gmail will archive it, consequently, you will not able to find it from the email list from Primary emails. Also, keep in mind that there is no label in the Gmail to particularly get archived emails. Furthermore, All archived emails are listed with normal emails.

First, I'll archive one email and then show you how to find archived emails.

See the following image where the highlighted part is an email that I'm going to archive.

Inbox of Gmail where you can find the emails you got from other.

So, Let's get started step by step.

Drag mouse pointer over the left side panel

Drag mouse pointer over the left side panel of the Gmail.

Left side panel of Gmail

Scroll the left panel and find the tab 'More'

Scroll the left side panel to the bottom where you will find the tab 'More'. Click on the tab 'More'. This will expand the panel and you will find more tabs located at the left side panel.

Select More to expand the left side panel

Open All Mail tab to find the archived emails from a list

Click on the All Mail tab to open it. And, It will show you all the emails including archived.

Select All Mail tab from left panel to find the archived emails in Gmail

Find your archived email

The easiest way to directly identify the archived emails is to search for a label. See the below image.

Labels and one email is highlighted.  That one email is nothing but an archived email. And it is without any kind label.

Here you can find the label 'Inbox' or any other labels placed in front of most of the emails, but very few emails may lack this label. So, Those emails that you have found in the list without any kind of label are nothing but archived Emails.

When you drag the mouse pointer over the email that was previously archived, it will show you an icon (A dimmed icon that represents that the selected text is archived).

You can also move archived emails back to the inbox selecting an archived email and pressing the icon 'Move to Inbox'.

Move archive to the inbox in Gmail

That's all about how to find archived emails in Gmail. You also got additional information on how to restore archived emails to the Inbox.

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