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Hello, readers. This article gives you information on how to reverse image search on a computer as well as on mobile devices. Furthermore, In this article, I'm going to use Google Image Search. Because Google Image Search is the best and free tool for reverse image search among other tools available in the market. Moreover, Google holds approx 91% Market share of search engines used worldwide which means every 9 out of 10 queries executed on Google.

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What is a reverse image search?

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss in short about Reverse Image Search. Firstly, It is the way to search for anything on the search engine by uploading the image instead of typing texts. As previously mentioned, I considered Google as my search engine.

Moreover, You may have one question that how Google works for image search. Google Image Search displays the search results with the help of artificial intelligence. In simple words, Google will search for the uploaded image into its database and display those results whose contents match the query.

Furthermore, I've published the article 'An Essential Guide to Reverse Image Search' which focuses in-depth about Reverse Image Search. Additionally, In that guide, I've mentioned 3 other search engines, Bing, Yandex, and TinEye apart from Google. In addition to that, I've compared the search results displayed by all those search engines for the same query in depth. Also, I have written in-depth on how you can find the image origin, and which search engine is best for which kind of query.

How is the reverse search image helpful for you?

Reverse search image is helpful for you in many ways like

  • to see similar images 
  • to get information about image and content inside the image 
  • to uncover the plagiarism

Let's get started step by step to learn how to do it.

Open Google Image Search

Click here to open Google Image search. In general, It is as same as a text-based search engine but the only difference is the type of query.

Google Image Search Tool from where you have to upload the image you want to search for.

Upload an image or paste the link of an image

Here you can do choose anyone. But, Both work fine. Therefore, In this article, we'll search by uploading the image.

I'll search about the below image of Robert Downey Jr.

Photo of Robert Downey Jr.
Upload an image to Google.

Wait till image uploading completes

Google is extremely fast today. So, you will only have to wait until uploading completes. Once the process finish, Google will displays the results.

An image uploading process is ongoing

See the results

In this step, you can see that Google Image Search has displayed the result. Hence, All details like image size, various sizes images found similar to the uploaded image, any other latest information about that content of the image will be there. Thus way, You can check it and can easily identify the original one.

Search results provided by Google Image Search for Robert Downey jr.

As you can see, everything about Robert Downey Jr is displayed including the size of the uploaded image with other images of various sizes are also shown.

In conclusion, you can get information about other images also. Moreover, You can do this on mobile also. Plus, the steps mentioned will remain the same for the mobile.

So, that's all about Google Reverse Image Search. But, As per my research in many cases, Bing, Yandex, or TinEye is more accurate than Google.

Last, You'll find the following useful.