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Hello, readers. This article gives you information on how to send an email. Here, I recommend Gmail to send an email. Because Gmail is an easy and free tool provided by Google. Moreover, Google provides 15 GB of storage for free of cost for a lifetime. You can attach files also but it is limited to a maximum of 25 MB per email. Additionally, You can access Gmail via Web, iOS, or Android apps.

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So let's get started step by step.

Open Gmail

Click here to open Gmail.

Gmail home

Click on the Compose button

Click the compose button to open a window from where you're going to send emails.

Compose button to create an email - Thanalysis

When you click on the Compose button, It will open a new window. Furthermore, See the following images. This window contains the following things.

  • Input field for the email address
  • Email type (Cc, Bcc)
  • Input field for subject
  • The toolbar at the bottom
  • Button to send or schedule an email
Email box Popup - Thanalysis

Input field for the email address

It the text field where you have to write the email address of the receiver. Hence, do write the full email address.

Email type (Cc, Bcc)

This is one of the great features that I like. Furthermore, Let me give you brief information about this feature. Cc means Carbon Copy and Bcc means Blind Carbon Copy, So let's understand this.

Carbon Copy (Cc)

Use Carbon Copy (Cc) If you planned for sending a copy for their information and want to let everyone know explicitly. In the laymen term, If you send an email to the multiple receivers then everyone from the list of receivers will be able to see to whom the email has been sent.

Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc)

Use Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) If you don't want other recipients to see the email has been sent to that contact.

Maximize the Popup box

Press the button highlighted in the below image to pop-out the box.

Click on the maximize button to maximize pop window - Thanalysis

When you press this button the window will be maximized like the below image.

Popup window to write email - Thanalysis

Write the email address of the receiver in the Email address field

Write an email address of the receiver in the Email address field. Also, Make sure to write a valid email address. Furthermore, It is optional to use Cc or Bcc. But from the experience I have, I recommend you use Bcc.

Enter email address in the email input field of Gmail - Thanalysis

Write a subject for the email

Write a subject in the subject field. You can also leave this field blank. If you send an email without subject then Gmail will prompt you. So it's up to you.

Write a subject for the email in the subject input field - Thanalysis

Write a message in the email in the message area

Gmail has provided you a large area to write a message and a formatting toolbar at the bottom of the box to format the texts in the message like bold, italic, underline, add hyperlink.

Write a message in the message input field of Gmail - Thanalysis

Insert files if you want

This step is optional. But it is very useful, In this step, You can insert text, pdf, doc files to email. Additionally, You can insert it to email by direct upload or from Google Drive also.

Insert files in the Email via direct upload or Google Drive - Thanalysis

Send Email

Press the Send button to send an email to the receiver's email address.

Press the send button to send the email - Thanalysis

You can also schedule it by pressing the down arrow place just after the send button. After, select a time to send an email and thus way your email will be scheduled till the specified time.

Press the down arrow to schedule an email if you want - Thanalysis

So, That's all about how to send email. You can check the sent emails under the 'Sent' tab.

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