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Hello, readers, You are on Thanalysis. And, This article gives you information on how to start a blog for free by using a free tool Google Blogger.

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Why Google Blogger to create a blog for free

In this paragraph, I will explain why Google Blogger is the best tool to start a blog for free. If we talk about features then many blogging platforms provide a lot of features including the following, but Google Blogger fits best for the recommendation because of providing all the following features free of costs.

  • No bandwidth limit
  • No space limit
  • Free subdomain
  • No post limit
  • Built-in SSL
  • Support HTML Editings
  • Feature to install a template
  • Easy template customization
  • Security of Posts
  • Easy backup
  • Easy layout configuration
  • Free for lifetime
  • High-speed servers

And many more is there on Google blogger.

There are many blogging platforms available like,, Tumblr, Wix, Medium, Squarespace, Ghost, Gator, and many more. But here our goal is to choose a platform that is way better in the following.

  • For revenue
  • Free for lifetime
  • Security
  • Almost uptime

Although is the best choice of today's bloggers. But it is not free. Because, You've to pay for hosting, for a domain, for domain protection monthly/yearly.

But here my goal is to provide you the best platform that fulfills your need of getting rich features free of cost for a lifetime. For this reason, only Google Blogger fits in this criteria.

Here, I assume that you've decided your blogging niche indeed. Notwithstanding, I strongly recommend you to do thorough research on it. Moreover, Please don't start just seeing others. If you don't have a blogging niche in which you're interested then it'll result in a no-traffic gain in the future.

So I'll go step by step to make you learn how to create a free blog using Google blogger.

Create a Google Account

First, you've to create one Google account. If you've already then go to the next step.

First create a Google account in order to start a blog.

Here, keep in mind that you don't need to worry about the 15 GB of storage limit. And, As early I mentioned Google Blogger is free and provides you unlimited space for blogging on the contrary to the limited storage for your Gmail, Google Drive, Photos, and anything else than the Blogger platform.

Open Google Blogger

Without delay, Just click here to open Google Blogger. Consequently, This link will open in a new tab of your browser. After that Google may ask you for the acceptance of privacy policy/TOC. So read it first and accept it.

Google Blogger Home page from where you can start writing blog posts.

Click on CREATE NEW BLOG button to create a blog for free

Here, In this step, focus on the button 'CREATE NEW BLOG' placed at the center of the page. And, click on it to proceed further.

Press the create new blog button to start a blog
Create a new blog box to accept blog title, address and theme as per you want.

Provide a Title to the blog

Provide a title for the blog. For instance, I selected 'Thanalysis' as a blog title.

Provide a title to the Blog.

Provide a blog address

As your goal is to start a free blog, So I believe that you don't have any purchased domain right now. So you've to select a subdomain and use it. For instance, I selected 'thanalysis' as my subdomain. After that Google will check for the availability for that web address. If it is available then you can proceed for the template selection otherwise you've to choose another one.

Provide an address to the blog - Thanalysis

Here, For instance, my blog address '' is available. So I can proceed with the theme selection.

Blog address provided - Thanalysis

Select a Theme for your blog

Here, To proceed further, select the theme for your blog. Moreover, You can also install your custom theme later.

Select theme for your blog - Thanalysis

Press Create a blog button

Press the 'create blog!' button to create a blog.

Press create a blog button to create a new blog instantly.

Here Google will take a few seconds to create a blog. After you may receive the following to search for the domain on Google. And, You've to click on the 'No thanks' button.

Google domain provider - Thanalysis

Here is what the blogger looks like.

Dashboard of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Understand the blogger dashboard

The left side panel contains various tabs. And, It is important for you to understand all the tabs first before your any attempts to start a blog.

Posts tab

The Posts tab includes all the posts including drafts, published posts, and scheduled posts.

Posts tab of Blogger - Thanalysis

Stats tab

In this section, I will explain in brief about Stats tab. The Stats tab includes statistics of your blog. Also, It shows you the details of your blog traffic. Consequently, You can easily identify which post is performing better or poorer.

Stats tab of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Comments tab

It shows comments made by readers on your blog posts. you can reply to them from here, also delete it, also held it for review if it appeared to be spammy.

Comments tab of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Earnings tab

This tab is to turn your passion into your earnings, where you'll find the way to integrate Google Adsense in your blog. Although there are other methods also to do so. By doing so you'll allow AdSense to do advertise and returning you'll be paid.

Earnings tab of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Pages tab

Pages tab includes the static pages like Privacy Policy, Term & Conditions, Cookie Policy, About, Contact, and in addition to any other web page that doesn't go for frequent updates. Remember that the pages are different from posts.

In laymen term, it is not going to appear as a post lists but you can link them to your posts.

Pages tab of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Layout tab

In the layout tab, you can do customization on your theme. Remember from here you can't put design-related customizations. Further, This tab allows you to control the layout of the theme, not its design.

From the layout tab, you can add or delete specific parts, hide/display specific parts, upload the logo and favicon and many more related to layout configuration.

Layout settings tab of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Theme tab

From here you can install your custom theme also. Remember that you can edit the HTML part from here. You can also select how your blog will look like on Mobile. You can see the preview of both desktop and mobile devices from here.

Theme tab of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Settings tab

The settings tab allows you to change the core settings of your blog like adding a purchased domain, add a new author, change the timezone, change a language, and many more.

Settings tab of Google Blogger - Thanalysis

Select the Posts tab from a left side panel

Select the Posts tab if it is not selected.

Posts tab from Left side panel - Thanalysis

Click on the New Post button

In this step, You'll learn how to create a new post. So click on the New post button. By doing so will open an editor from where you can write a new blog.

Press the New post button to open the blog post editor.

Write a Post Title and Contents

Write a post title and post contents. Do formatting the content wherever it requires. Give proper headings, hyperlinks, include images that are crucial for the blog posts and many more.

Blog post editor by Google Blogger to write down a blog post.

choose the link for the blog post

Select permalink->Custom Permalink from the right-side panel. And gives a custom link to it if you want otherwise Blogger will choose the link from the words of the title.

See the following permalink is automatically chosen by Blogger.

Decide the blog post url

See the following permalink is chosen by me. I recommend you decide and choose the custom permalink for the blog post. I also recommend the shorter links for the posts.

Custom permalink for post - Thanalysis

Save it and Preview it

Click on the save button to save the blog post a draft and then click on the preview button to preview it.

Save and Preview button in post editor - Thanalysis
Preview of the blog post - Thanalysis

Publish the post

Click on the publish button to publish the post. By doing so will make your post live.

Publish button in the post editor - Thanalysis

See the post

See the post live. For that copy the link and paste it to the URL bar of a new tab of browser.

Copy the link to view the live post - Thanalysis
Live post - Thanalysis

Next, You've to register your blog for the Google Index. Remember that your blog posts will not appear on the Google Search Results page until you don't register it. Remember that all the steps written above give information on how to start a blog for free. Next, you are going to see how to register a site to the Google Index, So that it can appear in the Google Search Results.

Open Google Search Console

Click here to open Google Search Console. Remember that Google Search Console is the way from where you can submit your website to Google and by doing so Google will crawl it and index it if no issue found.

At the beginning of this paragraph, I have mentioned that your website needs to be indexed on Google. After your website is indexed, it'll start to appear on the search engine result page for the matching queries.

Home page of Google Search Console - Thanalysis

Select the Domain section and paste the URL of your blog

Here keep in mind that you've to paste the URL of the blog, not the blog posts. Here, In my case, the URL of my blog is ''. So I'll paste it to the URL box of domain section.

Also remove the 'https://' prefix from the URL before pasting the URL.

Enter a domain to create a property in Google Search Console - Thanalysis

After submitting the URL, Google Search Console will check for ownership verification. Because We have created a blog from Google Blogger, with this in mind, we don't have to verify our website through manual verification. But, If you want then you can do it.

Ownership auto verified by Google - Thanalysis

Submit the sitemap

Click on the "Sitemaps" tab from the left-side panel to submit the sitemaps of your blog.

Sitemaps are one of the many ways to inform Google about our blog posts.

Now, the URL of my blog is ''. Consequently, the URL for the sitemap of my blog will be ''. Also, remember that You'll have different web addresses on the contrary to mine so change it with my blog address and paste it.

Add a new sitemap - Thanalysis

Now, Google will process the sitemap, crawl the pages mentioned in the sitemaps. Plus, Google will also index them if it found no issue on your web pages. Hence, Whenever you publish a new post then don't forget to submit the sitemap.

Submitting the sitemap - Thanalysis
Sitemap found 1 page in your blog - Thanalysis

So, that's everything for just to start a blog using Google Blogger for free. Moreover, This article has provided you the basic information needed on how to start a blog.

Please write about your experience in the comment box below. And, You can also write to me on Twitter or Facebook.

Last, You'll find the following useful.