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Hello readers. This article will show you how to convert the Web page to Pdf. I'll explain it step by step.

To convert a web page to pdf you need to add a tool called 'Print Friendly & PDF' to your browser extension.

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Why you need a 'Print Friendly extension'?

You need this extension to convert a webpage to pdf. This extension is free to use and it works on Mozilla Firefox as well as on Google Chrome too.

This extension will also allow you to remove the unwanted part of the web page. A normal PDF printer won't allow you to remove unwanted portions from the webpage.

Using this extension you can also mail generated pdf. It's a great feature.

Following things can this extension does:

  • Print webpage to pdf
  • Email webpage as pdf
  • Ability to remove unwanted contents

So, Let's get started.

Add Print Friendly extension to the browser

Click on the following browser name to add this extension to the browser.

Wait till it downloads completely. Click on the "Add" button after it downloaded.

Add 'Print Friendly & PDF' Extension to the browser

Let's learn how to convert the webpage to pdf. Click here to open a new article on how to use Google Form for a survey. We'll take that page as an example.

Click on the icon of the extension

Find the icon of extension at the top-right corner of the browser.

Icon of extension at the top-right corner of the browser

Remove the unwanted contents

You can remove unwanted content from PDF by clicking on it. This is one of the best features that this extension provides ever.

So let's know how to do it.

When you've clicked on the extension it'll show you the web page to be printed.

Now click on the image and it'll be removed.

Image that is to be removed from PDF
Selected image removed from the PDF

Click on PDF to convert web page to PDF

You've to click on the PDF button to download the webpage as pdf. By doing so it'll generate pdf and generated pdf will be downloaded as a pdf file.

PDF Button to convert web page to pdf

You can also email the pdf file. To email pdf file you've to click the Email icon.

Email button to send pdf in email

Thus it'll open a new popup window where you've to enter the following details:

  • Your email address
  • Receiver's email address
  • Message
Final PDF with removed unwanted contents - Thanalysis

So now you're all set to convert a web page to pdf.

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