How to Gmail Sign up for a new acccount

Hello, readers. This article gives you information on how to Gmail sign up for a new account. But, Before we start, I would like to give you a bit of information about it, and then I will start explaining the steps to create a new Gmail address with an existing account.

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Why Gmail instead of other email services

Gmail is a product of Google. And it is mostly used to send and receive emails. Furthermore Its a free service that allows you up to 15 GB of storage free of cost. In addition to that, It is the most secure email service on this planet that you can trust. Moreover, You can access it using a Web browser, Android or iOS application, or through native clients.

Gmail allows you to send email to any person anywhere in the world. Moreover, Its user interface is very easy to understand and to use it on a daily basis. Furthermore, It also provides you storage up-gradation facility at a reasonable price. But, here I would like to make one thing clear that the storage of 15 GB that is given at the time of sign up will also be shared with other Google Products.

The last line of the above paragraph states that you can access all of Google Services except few services within limited storage of 15 GB on a free plan. Remember that once you reach the limit then you must have to either upgrade the storage or reduce it.

Next, Let's get started step by step create a new Gmail address with an existing account.

How to Gmail Sign Up for a new account

In this section, I am going to list and describe all the steps to create a new Gmail account for yourself. Also, note that the new Gmail account we are going to create is not for business rather it is for your personal use.

Step-1: Open Gmail on the web browser

In this step, You have to open it in a new tab of your browser. So, click here to open it.

Step-2: Provide your name including username and password

In this step, You have to provide the following details to Gmail.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Password

Furthermore, It is not necessary that the username you select is available. Hence, you have to select the username that is not taken by anyone. Here, You have to try it till Gmail Sign Up gives you the green signal for the username. Moreover, The account password should be greater than 8 characters and it must include a mixture of letters, numbers & symbols. And, Press the Next button once all the details are filled correctly.

Form for Gmail Sign up for new account

Step-3: Provide your personal data

In this step, Gmail will ask you for your date of birth with gender. And both are compulsory to provide. Furthermore, It will also ask you to provide a recovery email address and the recovery phone number. Moreover, I recommend you to enter it if available else you can leave them blank because they are optional to provide.

Remember that you have to provide a correct date of birth and Gender as these will be an important factor to recover your account.

A form to collect recovery email address, phone number including date of birth and gender. So, provide it to create a new gmail address with existing account

Press the Next button once the form fill-up is done.

Step-3: Read and accept the Privacy policy and Terms and conditions for sign up

In this step, Google will display the Terms and Conditions that you've to read and at the end must accept it. Remember that without accepting it, You won't be able to create a new Gmail account.

Privacy and Terms for Gmail. Now, accept it to create a new gmail address with existing account

So, read it then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'I agree' button. After clicking it, Google will create a new Gmail account. See the following image which shows a welcome message from Google thereupon after creating a new account. In addition to that, It also allows you to add a signature. Furthermore, The email with signature at the bottom creates an outstanding personality compared to emails with no signature at the bottom.

Welcome message from Google thereupon creating a new account.

So, this way you created your Google account also. Moreover, If you want to delete your Gmail account without deleting your Google account then you can do it also. And, If you have more than one Google accounts and wanna delete others then you can also delete the Google account whenever you want.

So, That's all for Gmail sign up for a new account.

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