The latest review of HP Wired Keyboard of HP 100 variant. The color of this product is black and It is eligible for Pay on delivery on Amazon India.

Hello, readers. The emphasis of this article is on the HP Wired keyboard of HP 100 variant.

In this article, I am going to review this product along with the important FAQs.

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Furthermore, HP is one of the most popular brands for keyboards in India.

Next, read on why you should prefer Amazon to buy this item.

Why you should prefer Amazon to buy this keyboard?

Well, you may have a question. But, I have a solid answer to your question.

I recommend buying on Amazon because it offers the following two values.

  • Value proposition
  • Great user experience

As per the Bloomberg | Quint, RedSeer conducted a survey and found that Flipkart doesn't provides a great user experience.

See the below picture of the performance of both Online e-Commerce giants in metro cities.

This image is a result of the survey conducted by Redseer, which shows that Amazon is providing best Value proposition and great user experience. Along with that, Amazon also the trusted online platform to buy products. And, Flipkart has failed to provide Value Proposition and great user experience.
Amazon and Flipkart's approach on Metro cities in India. Image Credit: Bloomberg | Quint

The above image clearly says that the amazon is trusted brand in metros and provides better user experience than Flipkart.

And, that's the reason for you and me to prefer Amazon to buy this product.

Also, read my article here, which gives you detailed information on why you should prefer Amazon to buy products online.

Furthermore, Also read here the process we follow before reviewing the products.

In addition to that, I have taken care of the following two things seriously.

  • Your investment won't go vain
  • I know you hate Chinese brands

And, that's what our mission says,

To guide you in making online purchases from Amazon

The following section covers the parameters that you should look at first before buying this product.

The parameters that you should look at first before buying

All the important factors that are in the following table.

No.ParameterDescription of the parameter
1BrandWell, As I always said, Brand is what you can trust. Brands don't offer quality products but also good customer service.
So, if you have to pay slightly more for the branded products like made by AmazonBasics, HP, Dell, Logitech, iBall, TechNet, Zebronics, and HyperX then I recommend going for it.
2WeightThe weight of the keyboard that you are going to purchase for the normal use (Other than Gaming purpose) should less than 1000 g.
Moreover, It will be easier for you to move the lightweight item.
3WarrantyThe warranty is the most important parameter out of many. And, for the wired keyboards, it should be more than 1 year.
I strongly recommend that don't buy one that comes with a warranty of less than 1 year.
4Cable lengthFor the wired keyboard, cable length becomes an important factor.
The length of cable should minimum of 1.5 meters.
5Hot keysThe hot keys are those which used to start/stop music, control volume, brightness, etc.
For the hot key, I can say that the necessary keys should be on the keyboard.
It's appreciated if It has a high number of hot keys.
6Keyboard typeThe recommended keyboard type for the normal use (other than Gaming purpose) is membrane type.
7CompatibilityIt must be compatible with majority of OS.
8USB version supportIt must support USB version 2.0 at least.
9Backlit supportBacklit enables you to see the keys when the lights are off. But, it's not compulsory.
So, don't worry If you don't get it.
10ColorThe color of the keyboard that you're going to buy for the normal use (other than gaming purposes) should be Black, grey, or white.
Although, Here your choice also matters.
The parameters that you should look at first

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The following section covers the technical specs of this product.

Technical specs of HP wired keyboard (HP 100, Black)

The HP wired keyboard of HP 100 variant. The color is black. It has 107 keys and 3 hot keys. It comes with 3 years of warranty.
HP Wired Keyboard (HP 100, Black). Image credit: Amazon.

The above image is a compressed one. So, view the high-resolution pic here.

All the technical specs of this keyboard are in the following table.

4Weight490 g
5Warranty3 Year
6Cable length150 cms long
7Keyboard typeMembrane type keyboard
9Dimensions45 x 14.8 x 2.5 cm
10BacklitNo Backlit
11USB versionUSB 2.0
12CompatibilityWindows, Linux, Mac. Also, mobile devices are supported.
13Total physical keys107 physical keys.
14Total hotkeys3 hotkeys.
15HotkeysVolume controller hotkeys.
16LED indicatorsCaps lock indicator: Yes
Scroll lock indicator: Yes
Num lock indicator:Yes
Technical specifications of HP Wired Keyboard (HP 100, Black)

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Review of the technical specs of this keyboard

HP 100 variant of HP wired keyboard. Image credit: Amazon
HP 100 variant of HP wired keyboard. Image credit: Amazon

In this section, I am going to cover the following points of this item.

  • Connectivity
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Cable length
  • Keyboard type
  • Backlit
  • USB version
  • Compatibility
  • Hotkeys


The connectivity is the path this keyboard follows to transmit and receive signal of interaction to and from pc.

Here, this HP wire keyboard comes with wired type connectivity.

So, it will draw power from the PC. Hence, you don't need to charge them like Wireless keyboards or mice.

Furthermore, It does the same things at a very cheap price the wireless one does.

The wired keyboards are much cheaper than the wireless one.


The weight of this product is 490 g as mentioned in the technical specs.

This is is the most lightweight keyboard that I have ever encountered. The weight is less than half of the limit.

So, It is easy to move.


The warranty gives you power for a limited period of time to ask the manufacturer to repair your product if there is a valid issue.

And, It is for 3 years which is 2 times more than the recommended.

Cable length

Whenever the wired keyboard is taken into account, cable length will always come in a picture.

This one comes with 1.5 meter long cable which is longer than the AmazonBasics KU-0833 Wired keyboard.

Also, Logitech K120 Wired keyboard comes with the 1.5 meters long cable, If you're a Logitech lover!

And, the 1.5 meter length for the cable is also recommended.

Keyboard type

Keyboards have two types as follows.

  • Membrane
  • Mechanical

Membrane type keyboards are very cheap and they are used for normal as well as Gaming purposes.

However, It doesn't produce better output in Gaming uses. Also, this keyboard is not made for the heavy Gaming purposes.

Mechanical type ones are expensive, but they do offer a great experience. Moreover, they are highly used for Gaming purposes.

This HP wired keyboard of HP 100 variant is a membrane type one.


Backlit is a feature that allows you to see the keys when the lights are turned off. There is no other use of it.

So, If the keyboard you are willing to buy comes with no backlit then don't worry.

It's appreciated if it comes with backlit but It's not compulsory.

Furthermore, One major disadvantage of having this feature is that It will consume more battery if you use it on Laptop.

And, This one has no backlit feature.

USB version

It supports USB version 2.0. And It is common every personal computer and laptops nowadays.

Also, note that this product won't work with USB Type-C.


The keyboard you are going to buy must be compatible with the majority of operating systems.

This HP Wired keyboard of HP 100 variant support Windows, Linux, and Mac. Furthermore, It also supports the mobile devices.


The hotkeys are the following keys.

  • volume control,
  • media control,
  • brightness control,
  • projector,
  • calculator keys (not necessary), and etc.

The keyboard you are going to buy must come with the necessary hotkeys as mentioned in the list.

However, this HP keyboard doesn't have all hotkeys. It has only 3 hotkey to control the volume.

But, If you need a keyboard having hotkeys then must go for AmazonBasics KU-0833 Wired Keyboard.

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The following section covers the pros and cons of this item.

The pros and cons of this keyboard

The black colored wired keyboard made by HP.
HP 100 black wired keyboard. Image credit: Amazon

All the pros and cons of HP Wired keyboard (HP 100) are in the following table.

1It supports majority of operating systems.It has no backlit.
2It works with both USB 2.0 which is supported by majority of PC/laptops.It doesn't have brightness control keys.
3It is light weight. So very easy to move it.It doesn't have enough hotkeys.
4It has the warranty of 3 years, which is too high.-
Pros and Cons of the HP wired keyboard (HP 100, Black).
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All the FAQs related to this product are in the below table.

1Does it support Smart TV?Yes, it does support.
2Does it support USB type-C?No, It doesn't support it.
3Is it a mechanical keyboard?No, It is a membrane-type one.
4Is there another color available on this item?No, the only black colored keyboard is available.
5Does it support the latest Mac OS?Yes, It does support.
6How many numbers of keys this keyboard does have?It has a total of 107 keys.
7Does it have caps lock indicator?Yes, the caps lock indicator is available.
8Is the num lock indicator available?Yes, It is available.
9Does it have a scroll lock indicator?Yes, It is available.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The HP 100 wired keyboard supports all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and many more. It comes with many physical keys including multimedia keys and indicator keys. The keys of the keyboard are tactile and pretty solid. During aggressive typing, you won't feel any kind of flex. It runs on USB Type 2.0 port, which is supported by all operating systems. Furthermore, with OTG cable, you also use this HP 100 wired keyboard on smartphone. In addition, you can also use it on smart TV. Sadly, it has no backlit.

Overall, I will give it 4.5 Stars out of 5.

So, that's all for now about the HP Wired keyboard of HP 100 variant that you can buy on Amazon India.

Also, don't forget to share your experience on Twitter and the comment box below.

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