Why thanalysis recommends to buy products from Amazon over Flipkart?
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Hello, readers. In this article, I will be discussing why you should buy products online from Amazon instead of Flipkart or the product's official website.

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So, to meet the aim of this article, I am going to cover the following points in detail.

  • User experience
  • Trust
  • Value proposition
  • User reviews and ratings on products
  • Wrong product delivery

User experience, Trust, and Value proposition

The user experience is what people are going to talk about with others.

According to the Bloomberg Quint, Amazon is the only major online e-Commerce platform to provide great user experience.

The survey of these values was carried out by Redseer in 2017, and revealed the categorized information based on India's

  • Metro
  • Tier-I, and
  • Tier-II cities

Next, see how Amazon and Flipkart is performing in Metro cities and complying with these three values.

In metro cities of India

The image shows the Performance of Flipkart and Amazon on metro cities of India and How they are complying with User experience, Trust, and Value proposition. And, it clearly says that the Amazon is clear winner by providing all the values in metro cities of India.
Amazon and Flipkart's approach on Metro cities in India. Image Credit: Bloomberg | Quint

The above image clearly says that the Amazon is able to gain trust, to provide great user experience, and the value proposition in metro cities of India.

Now, the question raises here on what to include in the 'User experience'.

Well, The user experience is what I call how you felt while

  • using the website and
  • the customer care

And, It counts from the first visit of the home page to providing feedback on order or product.

So, Flipkart failed to provide a great user experience in the metro cities of India. I think can't expect it also from Tier-I and Tier-Ii cities.

In Tier-I cities of India

Amazon and Flipkart on Tier-I cities of India. Image credit: Bloomberg | Quint

As per the above image, Amazon is not a trusted online platform on Tier-I cities compared to Flipkart.

Now, the question is may arise in your mind that despite providing better user experience and value proposition, Why Amazon is failed to gain trust in Tier-I cities?

The trust on Amazon in the people of Tier-I and Tier-II cities of India is rapidly growing day by day.

Don't worry, Here is an article from TechCrunch says, Amazon is going close day by day to the people of Tier-I, II, and II cities.

In Tier-II cities of India

The image shows that Flipkart failed to provide both value proposition and great user experience to its customers compared to Amazon in Tier-II cities of India.
Amazon and Flipkart on Tier-II cities of India. Image Credit: Bloomberg | Quint

The performance of Amazon and Flipkart in the Tier-II cities of India remained same.

And, what the user should accept from online e-Commerce platform is value proposition and user experience.

So, the Conclusion of this section is Amazon is providing a better value proposition and great user experience, and Flipkart has failed to do so!

Hence, Amazon is the clear Winner!

Users' review & ratings

They are something on which 95% of the customer rely. So, In my opinion, It must be true & authentic. So, let's see about reviews and ratings.

A lady, Ahila Pillai, conducted a survey and written down the results on his article on Medium.

She has mentioned in his article that reviews & ratings on Flipkart are unauthentic and unreliable.

Well, You may have a question that, How she came to know?

The question may arise, But following image is the solid answer to your question.

The image shows the users opinion about reviews and ratings of product on both Amazon and Flipkart. And, It clearly concluded that reviews and ratings are most authentic and reliable on Amazon, and on the other hand the same on Flipkart looks most unauthentic and unreliable.
What users are thinking about reviews and ratings on Flipkart and Amazon. Image Credit: Medium (@AhillaPillai)

What the above image said?

It has pointing a figure to the authenticity of reviews & ratings.

You can clearly see that the hard disk of the same brand was crashed within few days.

But, The ratings of Flipkart were 4.2 out of 5 with almost Positive reviews whereas the same Amazon was 2.5 with majority of Negative reviews.

Furthermore, She added that no one on the Flipkart has mentioned that there was a issue of crashing with the hard disk. It's really strange.

Hence, Again, Based on the users' opinion I can say that,

Amazon is the most reliable online store for the products, While Flipkart looks like failed.

See, I'm recommending Amazon not just because I'm getting the commission from Amazon. And, Flipkart has also an affiliate program.

But, I will definitely lose my traffic if I send users to Flipkart, And you can see it from the above image.

Wrong product delivery

Before I dive into my opinion, I would like to tell you the following for which Flipkart was fined due to the wrong delivery of products and not replaced or refunded.

  • Deccan Herald says Flipkart fined Rs 1 lakh for delivering wrong product
  • Hindustan Times says that Flipkart fined Rs 10,000 for delivering wrong product
  • Trustpilot review on Flipkart is also too low, However, The account on that is still not claimed by or known by Flipkart.

So, there are many example states that Flipkart did abusive behaviour with its customer in terms of providing refund or replacement of products.

Now, let's talk about Amazon's wrong product delivery.

Here is an article from IndiaTV, says that Amazon delivered wrong product to a Pune based man.

The order made was worth Rs 300, But Amazon has delivered the Earbuds worth Rs 19,000.

The delivery product was 95 time more costly than the value of ordered product.

Now, you may be curious to know what the Amazon has did?

Amazon has asked that man to keep the Earbuds worth Rs 19,000 since the delivered item was not replaceable with full refund of the order value of Rs 300.

It's looks unbelievable, But It's true.

So, again, In this section, Flipkart found to be delivered more wrong products with no refund or replacement. So, Amazon is the clear Winner!

So, Based on above paragraphs, Thanalysis can't recommend Flipkart!