Cinebench R20 image.

In this article, I am going to given you information about the Cinebench score and why hardware reviewers like me are using it aggressively nowadays.

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If you read any of my review articles related to laptops, you will I have used the word "Cinebench score". In some articles, I have written "Cinebench R20 score". R20 is latest version of Cinebench. Previously, I was using the R15.

R20 and R15 are nothing but the different version of the same software.

What's the Cinebench?

Cinebench is a tool developed by Maxon to measure the real time capabilities of the hardware that you are or may going to buy.

It's available for both Windows and mac. You can get it here.

It gives the performance data of hardware that you're using, in the form of score. Cinebench runs several complex tests, put stress on the processor, and calculate the score for single and multi-core performance.

The higher the score, the better the performance.

Why Cinebench R20?

First, I will tell you why I always uses Cinebench to show you CPU core's performance. And, then I will go towards R20.

Why I use Cinebench?

I have used the Cinebench tool to review all the laptop that I got for review. I am using it now and will be. The reason is to use it very simple. Cinebench is so easy to understand and operate that I didn't require to read the manual even if there is a change in version.

However, Maxon has still put a manual that give you an information on how to save the test report, share it, some command line operations, and other file menu options.

Why I have switched to R20?

According to Maxon, R20 version of Cinebench uses much larger and complex test scene than R15. And, it require 8 times more computational power to render the test in addition to 4 times more memory.

That's why I don't compare the results between R20 and R15.

Here, you won't find any GPU score in product review written August 2020 onward. The reason is that Cinebench R20 don't perform the GPU test.

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