First of all, What's the AIDA64. It's nothing but a tool from FinalWire. We, at Thanalysis, uses it to check the several CPU and GPU benchmarks like clock speeds, Thermal Design Power (TDP), and Temperature.

What are the capabilities of AIDA64 tool?

Before diving into the AIDA64's capabilities, I would like to tell you the version that we're using. We are using AIDA64 Extreme's Trial version.

Why trial version?

Trial version allows us to leverage all capabilities of the tool. Since, we only test is for the first time for one device, It's economical for us to use trial version only.

So, let's dive into the capabilities of this tool.

AIDA64 tool preview.

It provides almost 45 to 50 sections of information related to the hardware installed on the machine.

Its system stability test uses 64-bit multi-threaded stress testing module to test the machine's capabilities at its extreme level. In addition to the CPU and GPU, HDD, SSD, and Video Adapter stress tests are also possible.

It is much accurate to detect the hardware information. In my experience, I never needed to open the bottom cover to see the what's the actual internals are inside. And, while reviewing the laptop, our first priority is to give you the most accurate details. And, due to AIDA64, it's possible.

In addition to that, the most important thing that AIDA64 is providing is severa methods for benchmarking. According to the FinalWire, its CPU benchmarks are built on the multi-threaded AIDA64 Benchmark Engine that supports up to 1280 simultaneous processing threads. It also supports multi-processor, multi-core and HyperThreading enabled systems.

Our main goal to use the AIDA64 is to test the CPU and GPU at its extreme condition possible along with its temperature, speed, and power consumption.

Furthermore, AIDA64 also provides memory speeds. But, We uses CrystalDiskMark, since it provides much more useful information. In addition to that, The data of CrystalDiskMark tool are used as reference by most of the reviewers. Hence, to compare the actual speed, We use it.

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