Hello, guys. Today, in this article, I'm gonna uncover the reality of Acer India customer support in detail. I'm gonna share the experience of LaptopMag's Rami Tabari. He gone undercover with Acer Customer support agents and asked them technical questions about the Acer laptop. The questions were mainly technical. He has tested all the ways of possible communication - live chart, social media, and a phone call. You won't get the fast satisfactory answer in all the way. So, in this article, I'm gonna show you the best way through which you can get the right solution of your device as fast as possible.

So, stay tuned with the end of this article. Before I begin, do look at the below table which consists of ratings that Rami has given to give you an idea of what to expect from the communication channel.

Credit: Rami Tabari of LaptopMag
Acer India Logo.

In short, Acer India is best at giving the technical support through the live chat and social media. But, the phone call is really a disaster. He (Rami) found that the agents on phone has no idea about certain features of Acer's laptop. That's really pretty weird thing, because as a technical support representative, an agent must be aware of each and every feature the company is providing in the devices.

Customer support comparison

Web: 60 max, Phone: 40 max.

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Acer India customer support contacts

The following are the links to contact Acer India customer support on both web and social media.

Acer India web support

Acer India’s web support offers many ways as following.

  • Support page articles
  • Live chat, and
  • Social media handle support

Support page articles for instant help

Acer's support page includes tons of resources to get your issue resolved without taking any bot or human assistance. The support page contains links to the driver and manuals, FAQs, and many more.

In addition to that, you can also search about specific topic from the search bar placed at the center.

If you want to find more specific details about your device, you can go by entering the serial number. Then Asus will land you to the page that consists of many information specific to your laptop including the links to download the latest drivers.

However, take a note that the search result of Acer is not powerful like Lenovo's one.

Furthermore, Acer has also developed a software, Acer Care Center, which will resolve the issue by itself. In addition to that, the Acer software does come with many extra functions such as cleaning junks, updating and managing system recovery, disk defragmentation, and many more.

Within a software, you'll find the link to Acer's customer support page - that's what Acer has made super easy to find the contact. The contact page contains the support line which is available 24/7. Next, let's head over to the live chat support.

Live chat support

On the live chart, Tabari has directly asked the following question.

"How do I check my battery health?"

Surprisingly, it just took a minutes for a support agent to find out the solution. However, the solution was based on the command line which you can execute through the command prompt. But, fine. We got a solution. Then, Rami has asked the second question.

"How can I tell if the battery is good?"

Here, the representative has took almost 20 minutes to make Tabari understand. The agent has gone through many corners but weirdly hasn't told anything about Acer Care Center software.

Overall, the conversation on live chat took almost 22 minutes to end.

Social media support

Here, Rami has first gone with Twitter followed by the Facebook.

On Twitter, he has directly asked the following question.

"How do I download the new Microsoft Edge browser?"

The representative took almost 12 minutes to respond him. He responded that the laptop should already consist it the new Microsoft Edge browser. But, when Rami has directed the agent to his old Windows version, the representative took next 7 minutes almost to come with an exact download link.

Overall, the conversion on Twitter has ended within a 19 minutes.

On Facebook, he has asked the following question.

"Is there a blue-light filter I can turn on?"

After almost 1 hour and 23 minutes, the representative responded. He first asked for the serial number. Rami gave it. Then, the agent came back after almost 2:42 hours with 2 answers. Both answers were right, but the response was too late.

Here, I think Twitter is fast and satisfactory than Facebook.

Now, let’s dig into the Phone support which the second-last way we prefer for support.

Phone support

Acer India's phone support is available 24/7. All you need to provide is a computer SSID. Then, it will attempt to diagnose the issue itself before connecting you to the representative.

Here, Rami has made 3 calls to judge the quality of phone support.

Call 01: He has asked the question on How he did get the new Microsoft Edge browser.

The conversation has lasted for almost 10 minutes and 45 seconds. During that time, many attempts of an agent to answer the right question have failed. It's really pretty weird. He has then made the second phone call.

Call 02: He has asked the question on was there a blue-light filter he can turn on the display of the laptop.

During the conversation of almost 16 minutes, Rami shocked to know that the Acer support agent to whom he was talking, didn't know anything about the blue-light filter. He then suggested to use any third-party software. On further question about the third party app, he replied negatively by saying he couldn't help regarding the third-party apps.

Isn't quite strange? Yes, for me.

Call 03: Rami has asked the last question on How he can check the battery's health.

In this phone call, Rami got true but unsatisfactory answer. The answer was the same he got in live chat. The conversation ended almost within 14 minutes.

It looks like Acer has little bit less trained support staff.

Last, If none works, you can approach the Acer service center directly to get an assistance.