Hello, guys. Today, in this article, I’m gonna uncover the reality of Asus India customer support in detail. I’m gonna share the experience of LaptopMag’s Sherri Smith. She gone undercover with his laptop to Asus Customer support agents and asked them technical questions about his Asus laptop. The questions were mainly technical. She has tested all the ways of possible communication – live chart, social media, and a phone call. You won’t get the fast satisfactory answer in all the way. So, in this article, I’m gonna show you the best way through which you can get the right solution of your device as fast as possible.

So, stay tuned with the end of this article. Before I begin, do look at the below table which consists of ratings that Sherri has given to give you an idea of what to expect from the communication channel.

Credit: Sherry L Smith from LaptopMag
Asus India Logo

In short, Asus gives better customer support but still on the average line. The support on Live chat and social media is way faster and better than the Phone call. In addition to that, Asus has tons of articles to troubleshoot your device's issues without taking a single help from a bot or a human.

Customer support comparison

Web: 60 max, Phone: 40 max.

Comparison of the customer support of popular laptop manufacturers

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Asus India customer support contacts

The following are the links to contact Asus India customer support on web, live chat, social media, and phone.

Asus India web support

Asus India’s web support offers many ways as following.

  • Support page articles
  • Live chat, and
  • Social media handle support

Support page articles for instant help

Asus has now offered many articles in the form of FAQs, especially for the software. So that, you can search for the specific topic on the search bar and get the solution without asking a bot or a human for help. However, the resource articles are not big compared to Acer is providing. Anyway. It's an attempt by Asus to give you the right solution.

But, the method of consumer support isn't limited to just static resources. Asus made something extra like other electronics giants are doing. That's nothing but an extension of methods to provide you a fast, better, and satisfactory support.

Let's proceed further to uncover the live chat support' reality.

Live chat support

On the MyAsus app, Sherri has directly asked the question How to adjust the screen vividness.

So, ShawnDee, a customer support representative at live chat, answered the question that eventually confused Ms. Smith. Sherri added that despite a long 24 minutes and 26 seconds conversion, she hadn't got a correct answer. That's bit awkward.

So, the less for you to learn is that don't rely on this method. Let's dig the social method and find out whether it's helpful or just a waste of time.

Social media support

Here, Sherri first gone through the Facebook followed by Twitter.

On Facebook handle of Asus, she has directly put the following question.

"How to make the screen more vivid?"

Once she dropped the question, the representative took almost 10 minutes to respond by asking her for the serial number. When she submitted, she got answer within just a 5 minutes. And, the answer she got was absolutely correct.

The overall conversation ended within 15 minutes - pretty fast and satisfactory.

On Twitter, she has asked the question How he can adjust the audio presets.

She got a link to the FAQ article in the answer of correctly well-written steps to meet the title.

Again, as good as Twitter.

Now, let's head over the Phone support, which is the second-last choice of every consumer who want to get the issue resolved.

Phone support

Asus India phone support isn't available 24/7. The phone number is mentioned on this article very early. To uncover the reality, Sherri has made three calls to judge the quality.

Call 01: She has asked the question How to make the his laptop's display more vivid.

The representative first put her (Sherri) on hold to search for the right solution for almost 4 minutes. Then he started explaining several other methods which are not even relevant. The conversation ended in almost 20 minutes with no right answer. Eventually, the customer support earned the first downvote.

She has then made a second call.

Call 02: She has asked the question to rep How she can change the audio profile.

After a 13 minutes and 14 seconds conversation, she got answer in her mail. She asked an agent to go through her with step-by-step process but the rep shown the inability. However, she got the correct solution for the question.

She then made the final call.

Call 03: She has asked the question how she can get the new Microsoft Edge browser.

She got the correct answer within just 3 minutes and 14 seconds in her email inbox. It may be good for someone or may not be.

Anyway. What matter is the right solution, and she got it with satisfaction.

So, this is the end of this article. I hope you guys got the way you should prefer first to get your issues resolved.