So, today, in this article, We’re going to show you how good is the Dell India’s customer support. First, see below the ratings for Dell India’s customer support.

Web support43/60
Phone support18/40
Credit: Phillip Tracy of LaptopMag
HP India Logo.

Customer support comparison

Web: 60 max, Phone: 40 max.

Comparison of the customer support of popular laptop manufacturers

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HP India Contacts

The following are the links to contact HP India customer support on both web and social media.

Web support of HP India

HP India’s web support includes the following two ways.

  • Web support directly from HP India’s website
  • Social media support

Web support directly from HP India’s website

Phillip of LaptopMag has tested the customer support of HP by going undercover and asking multiple agents across multiple channels.

In entire operation, He found HP's website for customer support as best. Normally, the website has a search bar and links to the specific topics including the community forum. In addition to that, Amid Windows 10 updates, HP has created a dedicated support page for Windows 10.

But, to contact directly a human agent from HP India's website is really gonna a nightmare for you. Each time you try to open a different channel, you'll be asked to sign in first, even if you've provided a product number.

So, Phillip has found that if you want to speak to the human agent on HP customer support, you must first go through a virtual assistant, which is disaster.

After providing a contact info to the bot, he was finally able to speak, Mukhtar, a customer support representative at HP India.

Mukhtar knew that the warrant is expired. So, he wanted to sell the warranty card anyhow to Tracy. Even, at the last moment, he come to discount which feels like are HP India's customer support representative really wanna help or sale?

The experience of a web chart for Phillip was disaster.

Overall Experience: Disaster

If you don’t prefer a live chat using web, which you wouldn't I think, you can contact a representative directly on the social media profile.

Contact through the social media and other ways

Here, in this section, I'm gonna share Mr. Tracy's experience with HP Customer Support Facebook (@HPSupport). On Facebook, he messaged the following question.

"How he can reduce the background noise picked by my laptop's mic?"

As a result, Jivan, HP customer support agent at Facebook handle, sent a detailed instructions on how to access the sound setting, audio profile, and many more. Unfortunately, he's not sent the right solution for the presented issue. Later, he (Phillip) found that Jivan don't actually how to resolve the issue.

After Facebook, he (Phillip) went to the HP Support Twitter representative. And, he asked the following question.

"How to download the new Edge browser?"

At this time, the results were pretty shocking. Akshay, the HP customer support representative at Twitter handle, replied in just 3 minutes with the right download link. And, he further assured for assistance, if he get stuck. I wonder, how it happened.

Anyway. From his experience, you should consider Twitter first to get the right solution in the right manner.

Next, we gonna look at the phone call support.

Phone support

If none of the above work, you can prefer a direct phone call. Phillip has tried to test it out.

First, the following are the contact numbers of HP India’s customer support.

888-698-3762 (Mon-Fryi 8AM-5PM, Sat-Sun 9AM-9PM)

To find this number was really challenging.

However, you can also contact through the whatsapp. The contact number is as below.


Now, let's move forward to the calls.

Phone Call 01: To extend the warranty, Phillip has asked directly through the phone call. Luckily, he hadn't to wait. He's issue was picked by Martin. And, he has asked him many time to extend the warranty from the available packages. But, one thing was very clear. Martin has describe Phillip's option and he was very clear at pricing. The conversation ended almost after 19 minutes.

Phone Call 02: In this phone call, Phillip has directly asked the following question.

"How to download the new Edge browser?"

As the question is belongs to one department in the HP customer service called SmartFriend. As SmartFriend was at level 2, Phillip knew that he needed to pay. But, he didn't want to do so. Still, he asked to transfer the call to that department. But, again, as the service was only for the premium members, Tracy got no reply. This phone-call has lasted for almost 10 and a half minutes.

Last Phone Call: In the final call, he has asked the following question.

"How I could reduce the background noise of my microphone during conference calls?"

In this call, the conversation has lasted after 28 and half a minutes. Here, the agent had tried many things like audio control settings, volume settings, and many more. But, he never touched a specific tool - Reduce microphone background noise. That's pretty weird.

So, as you know that no phone calls, no web chats worked. Only Twitter was useful to get the right solution.

Furthermore, if none work, you can contact to the HP India's customer service.