Hello, guys. Today, in this article, I'm gonna give you a detailed information about Lenovo India customer support. Nowadays, tech companies are providing more than one way of communication for the support. All the ways are not fast also not best. So, here, I'm just going to tell you the most preferable way that Phillip Tracy of LaptopMag found by going undercover with Lenovo Customer support agents. He has asked several technical questions and judged them based on speed, relevancy of answer, solution of the problem, and completeness.

So, before we go in detail, look at the following table that consists of the ratings he given to each method.

Web Support50/60
Phone Support20/40
Overall Support70/100
Credit: Phillip Tracy of LaptopMag
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Customer support comparison

Web: 60 max, Phone: 40 max.

Comparison of the customer support of popular laptop manufacturers

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Lenovo India contacts

The following are the links to contact Lenovo India customer support on both web and social media.

Lenovo India web support

Lenovo India's web support offers many ways as following.

  • Support page articles
  • Live chat, and
  • Social media handle support

Support page articles for instant help

Lenovo India customer support website https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/ is the filled with the most easiest navigation. When you land there, you first have to choose the product family of your device. In our case, it's PC. Next, select the "Detect Product" button to automatically get detected by Lenovo.

Within moments, it will show you the detailed information about your device like product name, specs, warranty info, and other helpful articles. It also includes the link to download the user guide. In addition to that, there's also a link to a tool that will identify all issues of your device.

On the left side, you will find many tabs as follows.

  • Drivers
  • Diagnostics
  • Documentation, and
  • Repair status

All of the tabs are luckily one click away. In addition to that, there's also a list of popular internals about device such as BIOS, Wi-Fi, and many more.

And, the support page also includes the large search bar which shows you the keyword-based results. It lists out the other popular queries bundles by topics, which has impressed me.

It's to note that Lenovo India's customer support page contains tons of resources. So, it was little bit tricky for me to land on to the exact one I'm looking for. In addition to the search results, it also shows the data of laptops that are several years old, which I don't like.

Live chat support

On the laptop specific page, there is a link - Contact us. When pressed, it has opened 8 different options for the IdeaPad 320 which Phillip has purchased just to uncover the reality of Lenovo's customer support.

Before the conversion started, he has to submit several details which was frustrating for him. Even after submitting for the first time, nothing happened. I think it some sort of bug or Lenovo might have engaged a system to identify whether it's human or not. Anyway.

Let's move further.

When he submitted all details for the second time, a pop-up window eventually appeared and he got greetings for an agent, JanRay.

Phillip has asked the following question to the agent (JanRay).

"Is there any way to check my laptop's battery health?"

In a response to the question asked, the support agent has first collected several details from him about laptop's runtime of past couple of days, which is good because it prevents the agent from going random.

Then, he required to take the remote control of Tracy's laptop, for which he agreed. However, like in the case of Dell customer support, Phillip hasn't shared anything about the transparency of remote access.

The conversation lasted for almost 32 minute. Phillip was in a good mood because the support agent has accurately met to the issue that Phillip has raised. But, he was a little bit disappointed because of poor internet connection on Lenovo's side.

Anyway. What matter here is a right solution. And, he got it.

Social media support

Lenovo India's social media (both Twitter and Facebook) support is one of the world's fastest. On the Lenovo support Twitter handle, he asked the following question. The question was a very simple.

"How to download the new Microsoft Edge browser?"

Phillip got answer with step-by-step instructions within just 7 minutes - pretty fast. He then asked the following question about BIOS updates of his newly purchased laptop.

"How to check if my Ideapad 320 laptop had the latest BIOS updates?"

So, within just 16 minutes, he got a detailed answer. I think there's a some kind of race with each other.

I strongly recommend you the to approach the support agent first through the social media handles as these ways found to be pretty fast and the most satisfactory.

For more comfort, Lenovo has an Android and iOS app available in case your laptop device is in trouble because of which you are unable to contact Lenovo. I like this way.

Now, let's dig into the Phone support which the second-last way we prefer for support.

Phone support

Lenovo India offers 24/7 phone support. It also support a callback facility if you would prefer the agent to call you. In this section, I'm gonna show you the reality of phone support. So, be ready.

Don't forget to save Lenovo India's Whatsapp support numbers:

  • +918067916667 - For all ThinkPads
  • +918067916666 - For all IdeaPads/Yoga/Legions

The following are the phone numbers of Lenovo India customer support.

  • 1800-419-4666 - For all ThinkPads
  • 1800-419-7555 - For all IdeaPads/Yoga/Legions

To test this way, Tracy has made three calls for different questions.

Call 01: He has asked the question on How he can download the New Microsoft Edge browser.

In this call, the first-agent has told him that he need to transfer the call to Lenovo software support center. Then the call was transferred. After that, the second-agent has asked for the warranty for just a simple question. This conversation ended in almost 10 and a half minutes.

Tracy was really disappointed and unsatisfied with the response. Next, he has made the second call.

Call 02: He has asked a question on How he could check the health of his Ideapad's battery.

The conversation in this call has ended in 36 minutes - quite a long. But, Phillip was satisfied with the answer. The agent first explained the causes then he asked to take the control of his laptop remotely. He then checked every single part including the drivers to find out the real cause. When he solved the matter, he asked Tracy to wait for next 24 to 48 hours and check whether the issue is solved or still persistent.

Call 03: He has asked a question on How to update the BIOS of his computer.

In this call, Tracy was highly disappointed with the response. The agent told him that it's not allowed to update. He must keep the BIOS original. He further pushed that doing so may affect the functionality of the laptop, mainly the touchscreen here. The conversation has ended in just around 5 minutes.

Last, If none works, you can approach the Lenovo help center directly to get assistance.