How to find any articles?

Well, The easiest way to find any article from our blog archives is to search it by typing some of the words of the title of that particular article in the Search Box given at the Top section of our website.

You can find any article, I repeat any if it is exists. Some times it may happen that your keyword match with too many articles so it is recommended to provide more words related to it.

How to claim of community guidelines violations?

We are committed to following all community guidelines of Blogger. Still, if you find that any of our posts violating the community guidelines then you can submit the URL of that particular post at our email.

We will analyze it and if finds true, will be removed immediately.

Any action regarding the removal of any of our posts will be informed to you by an email to the email address through which you sent us the link to that post.

How to contact us?

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Is there any cost to subscribe to us?

Our subscriptions are free of cost and will always be. No one from us asks you to pay. We recommend you to no reply on any of our emails on the subject of payment since we are providing free of cost services.

Why you should choose us?

Just because our contents are original.

How much time it take to reply to you?

Well, we reply usually on email within 3 days. But if there is the bulk of emails then it may take longer to take every person into account. If the question is general then we may publish one post of the question, so it may become easier for everyone to get the answer of the question of general interests.

Our reply from mail will be only from the email address mentioned on our contact page.

How much trustworthy we are?

Our contents are based on deep analysis from official websites of respective products.