Well, the question is simple and may arise in your mind. So, before I answer you, I would like to bring your attention to the following that shows the process we follow before publishing any blog.

  1. List all the popular brands of a particular product
  2. Eliminate all Chinese brands
  3. Prepare the Definitive Buying Guides of the products (Country specific)
  4. Collect the prices of the same model from Amazon and respective brands' website
  5. Prepare the charts for better understanding the following:
    1. Price on Amazon vs Price on Brand's website for the same model number of the product
    2. Price comparison between products based on the parameters

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How we list popular brands of any products?

The answer is quite complex. See, we don't follow any news or magazine article, Rather we follow the reviews given by customers on the e-commerce website and some other trusted platforms.

So, the brand that is getting consistently poor score or ratings, will be subject to direct elimination irrespective of home country benefits.

Thanalysis believe that a brand is that you can trust. If anything called brand means not only the products but also the customer service should be better. Hence, As I said, Thanalysis analyzes the brands based on the following factors.

  • Product review, ratings or score
  • Customer service review

Why Thanalysis eliminates Chinese brands?

Based on the analysis of a large number of reviews of products including customer service experiences from the various countries, Chinese products found to be not meeting the criteria compared to the long-lasting products of other brands.

Not only the products, but many have reported the worse customer service experience, not a few times, but many times also we found these poor rating frequencies of both products and customer service consistently.

In addition to that, Thanalysis believes that products should be judged based on neutral analysis, but it doesn't mean that we forget the region-specific-interest and values.

Furthermore, Thanalysis doesn't skip the brands based on the political issues only, hence If any brand especially country-specific brand subject to skip might be faulty based on extra parameters including the product and customer service experience.

The product experience and customer service experience are in the central place of our decision-making strategy.